The Wonder Woman effect

The fictional but totally realistic (and needed) world of Paradise should be a world that everyone regardless of racial, cultural, or religious differences should hope and pray for. In our world, although there is racial disparity, there is racial balance. For centuries

The 2017 Wonder Woman movie was for some women everything they needed to 

There on screen was a beautiful, sensitive, caring woman who could defeat any foe, real or supernatural. It was the first time they witnessed someone who could stand up to any man, win any battle and could surpass any prejudice, threats of violence, harassment, abuse, bullying or anything else. Women saw someone thy wished they could be, wanted to be and cried to be.

In the same vein Paradise follows the same for African-Americans. For centuries blacks have and still continue to be relegated to second class citizen status, even with civil rights passage. Prejudice, etc.Paradise is a world where blacks no longer are beholden to laws and government that doesn’t adequately protect them, prey to white supremists or racist citizens. In Paradise evil has been vanquished or at least relegated outside force screens, affluence and international cooperation and strength. At this point in the world of angelic Upstarts, our word mattered, our voices carried, and our strength was amplified to near invincible means. While the angelic Upstarts doesn’t wield a magic lasso, or fly in an invisible plane it emphasizes the super powers blacks have but realize they have – the power of brother and sisterhood both here in the US and around the world.

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