Itja-tawy – A Queen’s Quest

It was unreal! But there it was – the lost city of Itja-tawy! As I took it all in, I realized that everything I had ever seen or read about ancient Egypt had been multiplied to the nth degree. The aboveground remains of this ancient culture that we’d prized so much for so long were pathetic and almost meaningless in comparison to this perfectly preserved wonder.

The city was recessed even further into the Earth. At its center was the most beautiful pyramid; not ruined as the pyramids on the surface were, but in pristine condition. The pyramid appeared to be constructed of a light color concrete and marble. Even with the technology we possessed in the 21st century, we hadn’t created anything as exquisite as this.”

The city was golden! Maybe it just appeared that way from the light source, but it sure looked like it was made of gold. It was like the Sun had dumped its entire light stream on the city. Although I looked around the cavern for some method of artificial lighting, I couldn’t detect one. The light seemed to emanate from the very walls and ceiling of the cavern.

I just couldn’t get over it. Here in this… indescribable place, golden beams of an unknown origin graced themselves upon the city. The delicate beams descended on the pyramid and sent showers of energy throughout the rest of the city in all directions through the points of its base. From where we stood, those beams radiated pure energy, rejuvenation and tranquility. It was beautiful! One look and there was instant peace and serenity.

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“The ancients left enigmas too numerous to count, too complex to decipher and too wonderful not to envy.” – Tamaket Abd el-Aal wa

A forgotten and hidden city holds an ancient, incalculable and untested power. What would you do if you discovered it? What if it was your destiny and part of your legacy to find and use this power?

When the evil of the world is too much to bear, one woman seeks this forbidden knowledge knowing that the consequences of using it could end everything, but not to invoke it could be just as destructive.

Tamaket Abd el-Aal wa faces such a challenge and uses her ancient heritage to undertake a quest to finally resolve unchallenged evil in our world.


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