“The Angelic Upstarts”

The Awakening’s newly populated areas have been called a variety of names, but depending on who you talk to, they have entirely different meanings. In the beginning and through PAASG standup, these new areas were simply called the New Cities. It was simple in name, simple to understand, and simple in purpose. That served everyone well at first because the PAASG’s initial goals were somewhat simple  and singularly focused on African-Americans. As the coalition grew however, the New Cities’ agenda also expanded to include global issues and bolstering blacks across the globe through the ALLiance and other partnerships. That is when they started focusing the totality of their efforts as the Enhanced Nexus; Enhanced in their technical capabilities and constituency, and Nexus denoting the connection of many, but performing as one.

When referring to the Nexus, there are coincident meanings, and both are accurate. The Nexus  can be described as a connection point that brings together all the physical and tangible components of the Awakening, such as the actual structures, hardware, people and ALLiance extraction operations. Equally, the Nexus can also be described as the central and critical piece that emphasizes the Awakening’s intangible components. It is the emotion, the sentiment, the spirit, the consciousness, the pride, the history, and the expression of the entire Awakening. It transcends self and embraces all. The Nexus concept illustrates human progression at its finest. It reveals exactly what results are produced with focused devotion and combining the forces of many and channeling them into one concerted effort. As the popular saying goes, the NEXUS is the Next Us!

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The Paradise saga immerses you into an enviable world – reconstructed and re-imagined with a new reality, new technology, a new lingua franca, and a cast of citizens with new agendas, hopes and talents. When you wake up tomorrow and wonder or hope if it’s real, then Paradise has fulfilled its purpose.




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