The Nexus was now a new phase in American history that not only paired blacks economically and socially with the rest of America, but exceeded the established perceptions of capability and competence. Blacks were now the most sought after innovators and creators of technology, science, education, math and mechanization. In its totality, the Nexus was the Next Us!

With the surreptitious but spectacular emergence of the New Cities, an artist was commissioned to design an official seal for the formal opening. The seal was intended not only to announce the Awakening’s new social order, but also to confirm there was an unfeigned kindred synergy and focused purpose throughout the entire effort. Sixteen-year-old Aaron Clarke was chosen to be that artist. More than any other, his equally spectacular design seemed to truly convey the spirit of the New Cities while establishing and celebrating the Awakening’s potency and purpose. As explained by Fran Westmoreland:

“The outer Gold Circular Braid symbolizes the new, tightly woven unity and strength of our people, society and organization.

“The inner Gold Circle underscores the eternal flow of unwavering support, connection and devotion to each other.

“The gold Background exemplifies and radiates the intrinsic character and value of our people— rich in knowledge, worth, history, expression, passion and capability.

“Harnessing the raw, highly charged energy of brother and sisterhood, the Storm and Sky Elements signify our arrival into a higher level of consciousness and understanding as well as the power that stems from that understanding. Imposing yet composed, we balance strength with wisdom and action with compassion.

“The suspended Sphere represents our focus and commitment to oversee and advance the lives of our brothers and sisters without regard to terrestrial limitations.

“The Cross signifies our pledge to the teachings and guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ. We recognize that in order to avoid destruction and attain salvation, His way is the only way to confront and correct the unchallenged evil that is so prevalent in this world.

“The Ankh is the ancient Egyptian symbol for Life. It represents our long-awaited and triumphant new life now that we have freed ourselves from the deathly grip of society’s evils. It is a life that is unapologetic and unashamed for the manner in which we arrived, and a life that is emblematic of our individual and collective resurrection.

“The Pyramid embodies not only our timeless ingenuity and mastery of scientific and technological paradoxes, but also serves as a reminder for us to remain firmly grounded in our principles and actions in the continuation of that legacy and in all that we pursue.”