Charles M. Day
Former PAASG Director

Charles M. Day was the second PAASG Director serving from 1996-2005. During his tenure, Day was instrumental in arranging key U.S. and international trade agreements and establishing an international banking system. He also served as Secretary-General of the Alliance until his retirement in 2006.

In an unofficial letter, PAASG Director Charles Day once responded to President Byron Walker as to the reason for the PAASG’s formation:

“As we looked to a new millennium, we believed that if things didn’t drastically change, either we (African-Americans) would probably totally succumb to the pressures of society, or possibly be reduced to a society of insensitive miscreants and pitiful, confused, irresponsible public charges. In our minds, to consciously allow that to happen was in itself criminal and irresponsible.

Therefore, we had to use every means at our disposal to institute a System of Survival to raise the conscious level of the African-American, and to institute immediate, efficacious, influential changes for him. The conduit for effecting these changes is the organization heretofore known as the Preservation of the African-American Steering Group or PAASG."