The Bahariya Oasis Library is the repository of information that may or not be included in the book(s).


Dr. Matthew Hillman - The first appointed PAASG Director, current Nexus Engineering Council lead

Charles M. Day - 2nd PAASG Director, former NAACP leader and New York City councilman

Michael Spindler - one of the first engineers in New Kenya

Fran Westmoreland - co-founder of the Awakening

Richard Westmoreland - co-founder of the Awakening

Reverand Isaac Stern - pastor Greater Abyssinian Church (Newark, N.J.)

Tamaket Abd el-Aal wa - removed heir to Egypt's 2nd Dynasty

Sa’leda Abd el-Aal wa - Mother of Tamaket and keeper of all ancient secrets

David T. Walker - Seattle Examiner senior editor and documentary contributor

Jacob Marlowe - owner of Marlowe's cleaners, NY west side

Lester McCaskill - "Rabbit" Westmoreland's boyhood friend and co-owner Westmoreland Full Service Cleaning

James Tinsdale - "Rabbit" Westmoreland's boyhood friend and co-owner Westmoreland Full Service Cleaning

Kevin Beasley - "Rabbit" Westmoreland's boyhood friend and co-owner Westmoreland Full Service Cleaning

Marcy Westmoreland - "Rabbit" Westmoreland's sister

Nicky Tatum - Fran Westmoreland's friend and co-owner Westmoreland Full Service Cleaning

Georgia Lewis - Fran Westmoreland's friend and co-owner Westmoreland Full Service Cleaning

Beverly Lewars - Fran Westmoreland's friend and co-owner Westmoreland Full Service Cleaning

Alex McCaskill - Lester's brother and Morehouse graduate

Abe Newcombe - Park-Regency building manager, NYC

Mr. Christopher Worthy - owner of Worthy's Bargain Basement store. Provided shoe shine supplies for Rabbit and associates

Alma Worthy - sister to Christopher Worthy and seamstress. Provided uniforms to Rabbit, Fran and associates

Mrs. Ruby Carter - neighborhood mother and artist

Roger Ward - First DWG Chairman

Nigel Batal - Nelson Mandela's Chief of Staff, arbiter for New Kenya Proposed Alliance

Prof. Richard Anderson - Professor of Black Studies, Souther Illinois University

Pres. Byron Walker - POTUS (1997-2001)

Harold Levowitz - U.S. Secretary of the Interior, 1997-2001)

Michael Copeland - Physicist, former Allied Research employee (Oakland, CA)

Anita Hunt - PAASG member, S&T representative

Akilah Chambers - PAASG member, form Austin, TX council representative

Prof. Lloyd Pierson - inventor of the NRG principle, former Professor Rutgers University Newark

Dr. Allison Ramsey - assistant to Prof. Pierson. adjunct professor and lead director New City Science Council

Dr. Peter Janovik - assistant to Drs. Pierson and Ramsey, Rutgers University Newark

Dr. Bradley Warber - inventor Laser Assisted Testosterone Reduction (LATR)

T.J. (surname withheld) - Dr. Warber's final LATR experiment patient

R.C. (surname withheld) - Dr. Warber's final LATR experiment patient

Dr. Rudyard Franklin - DWG Medical Council member, advocate for Prof. Warber's experiments

Ja’hael Mustafa - Inventor of the Terrain Altering Device (TAD), University of Nairobi at Kenya

Harrison Green - contributor to TAD, developed organic/non-organic discriminators

Frank Segers - developed manipulation of visible light techniques with Ja'heal Mustafa

Harry Reeves - Inventor of Reeves 2000 supercomputer

Dr. William A. Miller - inventor of PUMA (retrospective and perspective)

Marcus Feldman - inventor, Bio-Invisibility-Gravity component (B.I.G. suit), commonly called Leisure Suit

Marlon Jamison - co-lead MarBerg project,

Kenneth Weisberg - co-lead MarBerg project

Ron “Butch” Meale - MarBerg pilot, MarBerg project

Laurie Metzer - MarBerg imagery analyst, MarBerg project

Todd Benshoof - MarBerg systems analyst, MarBerg project

Mike Ferson - MarBerg pilot, MarBerg project

Craig Thompson - imagery analyst, MarBerg project

Norm Eicheson - systems technician, MarBerg project

MarBerg - joint expedition formed by Marlon Jamison and Kenneth Weisberg

Dr. Anthony Lewis - Chief physician, Nexus city Memphis

Frank Carney - PAASG Director Day assistant, Nexus City Memphis

Sheriff John Hanley - Bird City law enforcement

Agent Lucerne - Lead FBA agent investigating Bird City riot

Agent Pete Rogers - FBI agent investigating Bird City riot

Michael Montgomery - current staff officer for the PAASG, former Cameron-Weathers computer programmer, ex husband of Angel Montgomery

Angel Montgomery - current Chief Planner of the New City Exo-atmospheric Operations Council and primary lead for the New Beginning Space Program

Veronica Champion - former primary lead software and hardware engineer at Cameron-Weathers LLC. Currently the PAASG's primary lead for integration of new computer technology at all beta sites within the U.S

Rebecca McCall - “Engineer of the Year” in 1991, Cameron-Weathers LLC

Raymond St. Claire - lead New City human capital recruiter

The Nielsons (Alex, Marjorie, Parker) Tamaket's adopted family in Colorado Springs

Derek Randall - conspirator to steal New City technology

Discovery Working Group (DWG) - predecessor to the PAASG, inaugurated May 1991- June 1996

Police Athletic League - supports and inspires New York City youths to realize their full individual potential as productive members of society.

ALLiance - coalition of countries of New City and international (initially mostly African) partners to be a singular conduit and control of socio-economic-political movement and change

Transitions, Re-Order and Re-Development Steering Group (TRRSG) - agency is responsible for the allocation and distribution of economic and other fiduciary aid to ALLiance members. Serves as the liaison from the PAASG to needy underdeveloped countries/peoples outside of the ALLiance. Interacts with international committees such as the World Health Organization, World Bank, World Court, World Food Program and the United Nations. Oversees all extraction, construction and coordinated operations in New Kenya


NRG-ET- Negation or Reduction in Gravity Enabled Transport - industrial, personal or transportation vehicles that are NRG-capable

Community Build and Restoration Agency (C.O.B.R.A.) - large-scale initiative to build housing for victims of natural disasters and internal strife across Africa.

(FAA) Federal Aviation Administration - the largest modern transportation agency and a governmental body of the United States with powers to regulate all aspects of civil aviation in that nation as well as over its surrounding international waters.

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization - a specialized agency of the United Nations. It changes the principles and techniques of international air navigation and fosters the planning and development of international air transport to ensure safe and orderly growth.

Aegis ALLiance Bank - The financial institution initiated by the PAASG, TRRSG and ALLiance members. Manages the monies of New Kenya and the ALLiance, makes monies available to aid areas of the world that have been identified as poor or in need of development, provides money to finance building and agriculture projects.

Cameron-Weathers LLC - computer software and hardware company that employed Michael Montgomery and Veronica Champion prior to their acceptance into the PAASG



Not Releasable To Outside Sources (NRTOS) -PAASG declarations that placed numerous constraints on the use of New City technology to anyone outside of the New Cities

Laser Assisted Testosterone Reduction (LATR) - medical procedure that acts as a safety valve to bring chemical levels down to an acceptable level by bypassing both testosterone chemicals in the brain and to expeditiously and safely activate the serotonin

Negation or Reduction of Gravity (NRG) - the ability for an object to remain inert while exerting the force of gravity on it

TL2 - second form of testosterone present in human males and females

Terrain Altering Device (TAD) device capable of cleanly disintegrating or pulverizing dense objects such as boulders and rock. Device as also cable of distinguishing organic from inorganic material for disposal

Previously Unexploited Mental Abilities (PUMA) - The process of the collection and exploitation of perspective and retrospective brain data. PUMA used the brainwaves to record normal and abnormal brainwave patterns.

(Bio-Invisibility-Gravity) Components (B.I.G. Suit) - a field of energy designed to harness and manipulate the gravity and energy surrounding an individual.

Mind/Machine Interface Link (MMIL) - The MMIL was engineered to control the operation of any mechanical device as a natural extension of an individual’s thoughts.

Telecommunications Electronics Materials Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmissions (TEMPEST) - is a U.S. National Security Agency specification and a NATO certification referring to spying on information systems through leaking emanations, including unintentional radio or electrical signals, sounds, and vibrations.

UHF - Ultra High Frequency - the ITU designation for radio frequencies in the range between 300 megahertz (MHz) and 3 gigahertz (GHz), also known as the decimetre band as the wavelengths range from one meter to one tenth of a meter (one decimeter).


VHF - Very High Frequency - the ITU designation for the range of radio frequency electromagnetic waves (radio waves) from 30 to 300 megahertz (MHz)

Hyper-spectral imagery (HSI) - images objects in the hundreds of frequencies and bands of the electromagnetic spectrum

Multi-spectral imagery (MSI) - images objects simultaneously in two or more bands of the electromagnetic spectrum

LANDSAT - the Landsat program was the first unmanned satellite specifically designed to acquire data about the earth’s resources

Limited Occupancy Cities (LOC) - Nexus cities that did not have the “Center” pyramid complex and were primarily for housing only. LOC occupancy was set to be limited between 25-40 thousand people instead of 150-160 thousand people

Initial Occupancy Limit (IOL) - the fist thresholdfor Nexus cities set by the Logistics Council

RED HORSE (Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers) Air Force special unit designed to build or maintain emergency roads, runways, or facilities.

TAC-1 - Emergancy road built by REDHORSE team that would extend from the Nexus city of Memphis’ one-mile perimeter to Kansas State Highway 36

Area 36 - The operation including the new TAC-1 road and the surrounding multi-agency support area based on its proximity to Highway 36, the closest highway and landmark in the area.

CJCS - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

(C/D) Collection, Convergence and Distribution Orb - an energy unit that collects raw solar energy, and relays the energy to the PRPT network

Point and Relay Power Transfer Stations (PRPTS) - two hundred and fifty-foot-tall towers that transfer energy from C/D orbs to tower to tower and then to underground batteries for storage

C2 network - Command and control network