Preservation of the African-American Steering Group

By June 1996, a solid base of authority and constituency had been established within the Awakening. The Discovery Working Group was renamed the Preservation of the African-American Steering Group (PAASG), appointed a Director, established a Council system, and relocated from New York to Kansas. The new PAASG was originally a 40+ person board that collated and reviewed data critical to the general formation, development, maintenance, welfare and continuity of the proposed “New Cities” and their prospective citizens. The previous generic DWG panels were dissolved, and a total of ten councils were established and organized functionally to implement decisions by the collective PAASG.

Each council was composed of a number of specialists and subject matter experts. For example, the Medical Council consisted of ten psychologists and fifteen medical doctors who in addition to performing in their core disciplines also developed programs to treat the physical and mental stresses suffered as a result of living in their former cities. This consisted of forms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) acquired from living as marginalized or disenfranchised citizens outside of their communities while also dealing with daily bouts of crime, murders and despair inside their communities. After these programs were developed, they made recommendations to the PAASG as to the best ways these programs could be implemented in the New Cities on a larger scale.


“The collective vision and mission of the Preservation of the African-American Steering Group was to ensure we survived through the ‘90’s and the decades that followed. At the rate things were going, we weren’t sure we would.

“The very name of our organization implied we wanted to be the way or passage to a new and better existence—an existence our brothers and sisters might not otherwise have believed was even possible.” Charles M. Day