Dies Irae

Author: Alice Scarling
Publisher: Milady
ISBN: 2820517323
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Orpheline, princesse cassée, jouet du diable, héraut de l’Apocalypse... Je croyais que découvrir enfin mes origines m’apporterait la paix... je n’imaginais pas que ce serait un aller simple pour l’enfer. Littéralement. Destinée à déclencher l’Apocalypse, j’ai fui Lucifer. Mais le sulfureux et insupportable général démon envoyé pour me ramener m’a mise face à un choix impossible : sacrifier l’homme que j’aime ou condamner l’humanité toute entière. Devinez ce que j’ai choisi ?


Author: Pierre Bourdieu
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113587316X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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No judgement of taste is innocent - we are all snobs. Pierre Bourdieu's Distinction brilliantly illuminates the social pretentions of the middle classes in the modern world, focusing on the tastes and preferences of the French bourgeoisie. First published in 1979, the book is at once a vast ethnography of contemporary France and a dissection of the bourgeois mind. In the course of everyday life we constantly choose between what we find aesthetically pleasing, and what we consider tacky, merely trendy, or ugly. Taste is not pure. Bourdieu demonstrates that our different aesth

King of Eden

Author: Takashi Nagasaki
Publisher: Yen Press LLC
ISBN: 0316298093
Format: PDF
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The trail leads Rua Itsuki to a mental asylum in England and Dr. Morgan, a survivor of the Romanian dig disaster. But while the doctor's memories reveal much, Rua walks away with more questions than answers...

B P R D The Devil You Know

Author: Mike Mignola
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1630085561
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Hellboy has returned to earth and reunited with the B.P.R.D. to help lead the push against one demon's quest to turn New York City into a new Pandemonium. With the demon Varvara gathering followers from all over the country to do her bidding and create this new Hell on earth, the B.P.R.D. tracks her to New York, where she calls other demons of Hell to her side and transforms her cultists into an army of demons and zombies to take down the agents standing in her way. Collects B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know #6-#10.

The Prague Coup

Author: Jean-Luc Fromental
Publisher: Titan Comics
ISBN: 1785869647
Format: PDF
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Winter 1948. Vienna. Debriefed by London Films, former spy turned novelist Graham Greene works on the screenplay for his next feature film, assisted by the enigmatic Elizabeth Montagu. However, Greene’s visit soon proves to be just as mysterious as his best-selling thrillers, winding through Vienna’s shadowy underground before the author finds himself in the midst of an intricate plot to unseat the government of Czechoslovakia in an event that would be remembered as The Prague Coup. Jean-Luc Fromental seamlessly merges fact and fiction in a spy thriller worthy of its protagonist, Graham Greene, who finds himself caught in a web of intrigue, espionage, and murder while writing the screenplay that would become the 1949 classic ‘The Third Man’ starring Orson Welles. “This will hook you from its opening panels. Plenty of intrigue, a killer plot, and evocative visuals. What more could you want?” – LA Review of Books

Dies Irae

Author: Paolo Pellegrin
Publisher: Contrasto Due
ISBN: 9788869651793
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Paolo Pellegrin is one of the most renowned contemporary photoreporters, awarded with a Robert Capa Gold Medal.

Vampire City

Author: Paul Feval
Publisher: Black Coat Press
ISBN: 9780974071169
Format: PDF, ePub
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Some tell of a great city of black jasper which has streets and buildings like any other city but is eternally in mourning, enveloped by perpetual gloom. Some call it Selene, some Vampire City, but the vampires refer to it among themselves by the name of the Sepulchre... To destroy the dreaded vampire lord Otto Goetzi, writer Ann Radcliffe, Merry Bones the Irishman, and Grey Jack her faithful servant, launch an all-out attack on Selene... "We can easily see in Vampire City the ultimate literary ancestor of Buffy the Vampire-Slayer."-Brian Stableford. Paul F?val (1816-1887) was the author of numerous popular swashbuckling novels and one of the fathers of the modern crime thriller. Brian Stableford has published more than fifty novels and two hundred short stories. Vampire City was written in 1867-thirty years before Bram Stoker's Dracula-and is one of three classic vampire stories also available from Black Coat Press.

Common Cause

Author: Francis Combes
ISBN: 9780956034182
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A study in verse of the Communist movement in the twentieth-century; an epic, a tragedy, and a manifesto for the utopian imagination.

It s Ugly Out There

Author: Maryse Dubuc
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849180177
Format: PDF
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Jenny and Vicky are super-cute girls who are willing to do almost anything to be the center of attention--the third wheel of the group is the too-tall, plain Karine, who is in love with Dan and remains oblivious to the nasty tricks her so-called friends are playing on her in order to nip her romance in the bud. Original.